Elite property of Kiev is bought up en mass by the millionaires

It seems that the financial crisis is passing by. At least the Ukrainian millionaires do not feel it, if they can buy a luxury real estate in Kiev in amount of more than 100 Thousand Dollars.

A proposal creates a demand

Due to the portal Address.ua, the interest on the luxury real estate in the capital has doubled during the January of 2013. According to the statistics, during the statement period the portal was visited by twice as many people as in December 2012. Most of them were interested in the apartments, which cost more than 100 Million $ and above.

According to the analysts of the resource Bagnet, there were persons who looked for rent : flats - 74,1%, houses – 7,3% , and other objects – 18,7% , as the land, garages, commercial and warehouse buildings, industrial buildings and others.
There were 50, 2% who intend to buy apartments; 34, 6% wanted homes, 15, 2% were interested in non residential real estate. Thus the most popular areas in Kiev among the tenants became the following in Kiev 2013:
1. Dneprovskij – 14,6%.
2. Goloseyevskij – 13,4%.
3. Shevchenkovskij – 11,8%.
The most requested areas of homebuyers were the Shevchenko and Darnitskiy district, 14, 5% and 14% respectively. On the third place was Goloseevskiy district – 12, 1%.

Price range

We were mostly impressed by the requests of the tenants due to the residential property about the rental price. The businessmen were willing to pay monthly from $200 to 400 $, they are 30,3% . From $300 — $500 are willing to pay 17,1% of the tenants. 400$ -600$ were ready to pay 15,9% of the entrepreneur in Kiev , in January 2013.

An excellent buying power was demonstrated last month by the wealthy residents of the capital. Only in January the demand on the luxury real estate increased in two times, which costs more than 100 Thousand $. 6 % visitors of the portal Address.ua wanted to purchase such property. 17,4% of them bought an apartment for 60 Thousand -80 Thousand Dollar, 19,5% - $30 Thousand - $50 Thousand and 20,2% were interested in apartments in amount of $50 Thousand - $70 Thousand.

Source luxlux.net

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